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Hill City University Exam Rules

Hill City University Exam Rules

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 Before beginning the exam:  

1.       Make sure you have a good laptop/smart phone

2.        A functional webcam in your laptop/smart phone

3.       Ensure good and fully charged battery or an alternative power supply

4.       Ensure you will have a stable, uninterrupted internet connection for your exam.

5.       It is recommended that you reboot your computer before beginning to free up memory resources from other programs on your computer.

6.       Shut down all Instant Messaging tools (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger) and Email programs as they can conflict with it.

7.       Maximize your browser window before starting the test.  Minimizing the browser window during the exam can prevent the submission of your exam.  


During the exam:  

1.       Ensure you are far from anyone around you. Proctoring software is installed to monitor your surroundings.

2.       Do not allow background noise or voice. It will all be detected and affect your grade.

3.       Do not resize (minimize) the browser during the test.

4.       Do not click the ‘Attempt exam now’ button until you are prepared to begin the exam. Your attempt and the exam timer will begin once you press the ‘Start attempt’ button

5.       Once you start the exam, do not refresh your browser, use browser buttons, or navigate away from the exam screen until the exam has been submitted. If you navigate away from the exam, your progress may be lost and cannot be recovered

6.       Each question is in sequential order. You cannot navigate to the previous question.

7.       Click the “Submit” button to submit your exam.  Do not press “Enter” on the keyboard to submit the exam.  

Instructions for accessing the Exam:  

1.       Read the notes above titled “Before beginning the exam” and “During the exam.”  

2.       Login to your portal with your username and password.

3.       Locate the course under “Course Overview” from your dashboard and click to enter the exam page.

4.       Read the Instruction each exam page.

5.       Do not begin until you are absolutely ready to start!

6.       The exam must be completed in one sitting.     

7.       Click the “Submit” button in the bottom right corner when you are done to submit your work.  

If you encounter problems accessing or submitting your exam, you must contact the school immediately via WhatsApp.  Mr. Kasumu Olusola can be reached at +22999589114.  If he does not hear from you right away, your exam may not be accepted and you may receive a zero on the exam.



Proctoring Software:      Proctoring Software is responsible for overseeing the enrolled member’s conduct during the exam.

All candidates are monitored during the exam duration typically with the help of a webcam, mic and access to the screen of the candidate.

a.   Your screen is being recorded during the exam

b.    Your surroundings in monitored

c.    Voice on the background will be detected


 Cheating is a serious offence and subject to disciplinary action and any evidence of cheating detected during the exam by the Proctoring software will be analysed and adjudged accordingly.


 The exam is confidential. It cannot be copied, printed, saved, recorded, or reproduced in any manner, at any time. The exam questions and answers cannot be disclosed or disseminated to anyone before, during, or after the exam. Exam copies will not be provided for failed or passed exams.

Time Allotted:                                   

Exams must be completed in one sitting. Each exam has a specific amount of time allotted and a specific number of questions. Exams must be submitted within the time allotted before the online exam timer expires. Once the timer expires, the exam will be automatically submitted, even if you did not click the ‘Submit’ button.